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live in fredericksburg where flakes just started to fall. >> here in fredericksburg, it has been selling for a couple of hours. we do have some accumulation in green spaces like this, but on the pavement, it is just what. -- it is just wet. >> if i don't have to drive i won't. >> drivers and crews just south of d.c. >> of the concern is probably other people. >> they are gearing up for the gathering storm. >> we're mixing sand and salt for the traction and everything. >> at this facility -- half a dozen or more of the 350 plough trucks are loaded with 12 tons of salt worse and. >> the top priority is to prepare the interstates first and primary roads and make sure they are accessible. >> it is a challenge. >> she is not driving sunday night. >> i stay off the road when it snows. i'm from georgia. >> turn on the traction control and keep in high gear. >> he learned the hard way during a previous snow. >> you don't know what to expect. >> road crews will be on a 12 hour shift. drivers will be on alert. >> once or twice, you are ready for it. rumor has it one or 2
the situation was like outside right now. we are live in fredericksburg with more on these conditions. >> the conditions here in fredericksburg va. are intriguing. it has been snowing for hours and hours. the temperature of the roads is very warm and to the south this is dicey. >> it is getting bad and through the night it will get worse. >> snowflakes rain down on central virginia sunday night. >> this is the aftermath. >> producing a rare storm. it has been relatively uneventful, and this is just fine with roger. >> go home and stay at home if you can. >> just because you have a four- wheel drive does not mean that you are a professional. this could happen to anybody and one wrong move and you are gone. >> the unseasonably balmy conditions prevented the streets from getting frozen. but the snow was having an easier time being difficult. >> if you just try and do what you are supposed to do -- >> vida has over 500 pieces of machinery. >> this is my first time driving in the snow. i am from california. >> the issue is what it will be like in the morning. >> it is going to be very sli
was anticipating fredericksburg when they, in fact, did. lee, more than anyone, knew the costs of offensive operations in this war, programs the stand at sharpsburg was perhaps his chance to pursue an offensive war by means of defensive tactics. whatever lee thought about this, one conclusion was pretty obvious, he believed he could win. he didn't lose at sharpsburg. it was a bloody draw, and barely so. now, i know that jim mcpherson contends and -- contends nobly and righteously that sharpsburg, antietam was a significant turning point in this war, that this was the point at which the war was destined for union victory. bob crick insists, who is not with us -- he's now watching virginia v. north carolina in basketball. bob crick insists the army of north virginia stood its ground in the face of vastly superior numbers and that this was the dumbest thing that anybody -- and robert e. lee included -- could ever have done. i think he stayed put on the 17th because he thought he could win. he thought he could fight mcclellan on the defensive. whatever. he stayed put on the 18th all but daring
the freezing mark. 42 at national airport. but 35 in fredericksburg, along i-95, where there is snow coming down now. enough to get some of the grass white. but the roads remain just wet, and not snow covered. that is important news. winter weather advisories and storm warnings continue. the snow line is going to try to inch towards the metro area here. but i don't think it will add up to too much. inside the red area is not even reaching the ground. flakes only maybe sticking to the grass, maybe an inch on the grass way down to the south. >> thank you, chuck. >>> in our other headlines tonight, whitney houston has been laid to rest. her body was taken from a funeral home to a cemetery in westfield, new jersey. hundreds of fans lined the streets to watch the hearse go by today. houston was buried next to her father. the service at the grave site was for close family only. >>> an argument escalated into a bloody shooting and high-speed chase in prince george's county. this started around 1:00 a.m. on marlboro pike. derrick ward has the story. >> reporter: people who live in the complex said
. the snow it came close, down in charles county and points south. one to two inches. fredericksburg, an inch to two. temperatures down south in the mid-30s to lower 30s. so other than isolated slick spots, i think most of the roads are just going to be wet. they have been heavily treated so the highway department out on that. we have lower 30s off to the north. other than a few lingering sprinkles, flurries to our south and east, that is it. nothing going on. 51 this afternoon up in frederick. 52 for manassas. 49 in easton, and here in dc around 50. >>> you know, it is nice to give good news for a change all morning long. things are looking great. if you have to go to work, rest assured i think you will get there on time, at least if you are leaving right now out of southern maryland. no problems route 5, route 4, route 301, everything good to andrews air force base. well along the east side between 95 and 295, things are great on the east side of town. we'll go back over to the maps, this time to 56 and the dulles toll road coming out of leesburg and haymarket you are going to be fine. all
washington right down the telegraph road along the line of richmond, fredericksburg railroad to richmond. no. no, he would go down the chesapeake bay after touching base at fortress monroe in hampton which never, ever surrendered to the confederates, his plan was then to move up to the rappahannock and then move inland. cutting off joe johnston's forces up there around manassas and centreville. he said he'd need 140,000 soldiers to do that and obviously priority on navy assets to move them down through the bay to virginia. well, that concept troubled lincoln and his newly appointed secretary of war edwin stanton. it appeared to them that the army at the potomac could do a better job of protecting washington and defeating the confederate forces in virginia by attacking headlong into manassas and clean up those camps and then head south. by way of fredericksburg. or alternatively move southwest and cut that virginia central railroad line that was bringing so much sustenance that was the breadbasket of the confederacy from the shenandoah valley to richmond. however, mcclellan was adamant. and a
years was chief historian at fredericksburg and spots sylvania national military park. and his nomination was thomas stonewall jackson, general jackson. we're going to talk to robert crick momentarily and also take your phone calls, as well. here are the phone lines if you live in the eastern and central time zone, the number is 202-585-3885, mountain and pacific 202 ohio 585-3886. mute your television when you call in so you don't feed back. you can participate online even if you don't want to call in at we will focus specifically on the #poty 1862, if you put that in your tweet, we'll try to read some of those. we already very postings on facebook, join in with your nomination for person of the year, 1862 and just a couple of them want to take a look at now. writing in for lincoln. justin says it should be lincoln in september of '62. with the emancipation proclamation. also paul martin says the abolitionist william lloyd garrison. we'll look at a couple of those and take your phone calls, as well. robert crick joins us from the librar
. >> peter in fredericksburg, welcome. go ahead. >> possible, >> as usual, i always enjoy your talks. i was wondering if you would care on comment on jackson's actions in the second manassas campaign and also the fredericksburg campaign which concluded in 1862 and whether you feel that it enhanced his qualifications for man of the year or was he just a really superior super subordinate executing lee's work. >> all three of those jackson did very well. in fredericksburg was pretty much a set piece, the most rigidly set piece battle of the war in the east. sharpsburg involved a lot of movement, but not nearly as much as chancellorsville. second manassas was a masterpiece, jackson's execution of the joint plan that he and lee had crafted and certainly contributes mightily to the success of the confederacy. there's a very interesting quote from lee that pertains to all of this, and that is in the fall of 1862 when the confederate congress finally had authorized the creation of the lieutenant general's rank, northerners never did it get that far, they created corps legally and lieutenant gen
leesburg. 38 in hagerstown. and even a 26-mile per hour wind gust in fredericksburg. these are going to continue to increase as we go through the night. temperatures, 50 in gaithersburg. 53 downtown. 54 in leesburg and 45 up in frederick. so, not crazy cold, but it's going to feel rather chilly if you are headed out. becoming partly cloudy, windy and colder. gusts 40 to 50. we'll come back and let you know if it's going to stay windy all weekend and tell you how cold it's going to get saturday and sunday. >> thank you for that, topper. those strong winds blew through some powerful thunderstorms just south of town and as scott broom reports, some of the worst hit down in la plata, pounding folks with heavy rain and some pea-sized hail. >> here in southern maryland, they spent much of the day under a tornado watch and while none of those stores materialized, the drama of the day is how violent the weather got when the temperature dropped like a rock. >> this is repeated time lapse video of what meteorologists know as a bow cloud formation, moving with remarkable spe
of the metro area gaster day. in fredericksburg and south of fredericksburg. let's take a look at some of the temperatures outside right now. voice apicked up, my raspy.bit at 32 in frederick. a little bit breezy to start the willnd then the wind subside. 48 and sunday later today. temperatures will drop below freezing. you cannot rule out a slight in the metro area. county as well. we are going to warm up nicely. thursday and friday in the 60's. no big precipitation chances until the end of the work week. >> nothing complicated to report around the region. well treated are the ways. spreadingave been out chemicals. give you normal travel along interstate 95. e have our eye on it presidents' day. crews the region spent the monitoring roads and force the spots. >> some travelers had to do some traveling on this president's day. >> 30 night it will get worse. ont flakes' rained down central virginia. it is coming down. >> producing a rare storm for this region. been a relatively uneventful winter. >> just go home and stay at home if can. >> he worries about his drive home. because you ha
especially in the metro area. the district, 51 in quantico, 46 in fredericksburg. 34 in cumberland, 36 in hagerstown and frederick. the wind moving out of the t today. the cooler air into town. drop a fews will degrees before sunrise and 6:43 a.m. 51 degrees or other 52 for the high temperature. 55 down in fredericksburg and culpeper. low 50's this afternoon, sunshine, light northwesterly winds. as yesterday. increasing clouds tonight in storm systeme next tomorrow. bring may be a brief mix northwest of town and morning, not a g deal, then just rainfall off and on throughout the day tomorrow. around three-quarters of an inch expected. more in some locations. near 50 tomorrow. clearing by thursday. 60 degrees by the hon. >> traffic is good. no big deals to report. overnight construction barrels being put to bed. the beltway moving nicely in tysons and landover. on 66 in and outside the beltway. and on the greenway. couple pictures now, in 395 northa look at southbound quiet in landmark. will go to the beltway top side near new hampshire avenue, nicely all the way to the american legion
of that uri. a couple 50 boxes out of town. fredericksburg get it the. everyone else in the 40's and those numbers will drop. the cold air will retreat through new england and into canada over the next few days as the southernly southwest and eventually western wind will be taking over to transport in the warmer temperatures from the tennessee river valley and bit south. 60 tomorrow and then close to 70. at least upper 60's for thursday. perhaps near 70. we will see little increase in cloudiness tomorrow. the next disturbance will move through and perhaps an isolated showers in the afternoon. here is the futurecast giving us an outlook. increasing clouds may be a passing shower. then we get to thursday when we start to ramp up temperatures into the upper 60's. this cold front will pass through on friday with a few showers and behind it on saturday. take a look at the weekend for tomorrow. sonny early, clouds later, perhaps a passing shower. then on thursday, ahead of the cold front, just a chance for scattered showers in the upper 60's. the best places to hit 70 on wednesday are in stoppar
monument. organizers hope to open the museum by 2015. the slavery museum in fredericksburg has filed a bankruptcy. >> the museum has never been built. it owes creditors about $7 million. organizers hope to raise $900,000 in the first year. the hub donations to increase by 50% in subsequent years. -- they hope donations will increase by 50% in subsequent years. >> a bill recently passed bans the use of state funding for projects that give incentives to contractors who use union labor. the airport authority has already offered a 10% bonus for union workers. they are urging them to reconsider that decision. >> it is early for the filing deadline. what will you do with their tax refund if you get one? the national retail federation study shows 44% say they will stash away some of their refund. 40% say they will use some to pay down debt. 12% say they will spend it on a big-ticket item. >> one thing you do not have to spend it on is umbrellas. >> not yet. tomorrow a few clouds and temperatures approaching 70 degrees. it is kind of crazy. it will get colder as we head into the weekend. wha
of fredericksburg. they're able to get through against the rush hour. this looks wonderful. nowhere is to report on the dulles toll road. we will take you live out of loudon county. now to the news. >> thank you. we going to get started with the guilty verdict in the murder trial. if the jury recommended a 26 year prison term for george huguely in the murder of his ex- girlfriend yeardley love. >> that amounts to 25 years for his murder conviction and one year for grand larceny. he will be sentenced in april. >> its 89 hours of deliberation for a jury to find george huguely guilty of two of the six counts against him. he was convicted of second- degree murder and larceny in connection with the death of yeardley love a. >> there are no winners in this case. there is nothing but lost everywhere. >> glove was found dead in her off-campus apartment of 2010. they say george huguely peter to death in a drunken jealous rage. they argued that he did not intend to killer. his attorneys wanted a lesser involuntary manslaughter conviction. >> we're disappointed with this verdict. it we have been proud to r
for dulles, sustained for martinsburg at 32 miles per hour and fredericksburg now sustained at 12. the wind gusts have not nearly been as strong down to the south. in the city we're gusting to 25. dulles is back up to 38 mile- per-hour wind gusts and martinsburg right now is gusting to 41. again overnight tonight these wind gusts will begin to calm down, but it will stay breezy overnight and tomorrow. complete weekend forecast coming up. >>> police are investigating a stabbing at l'enfant plaza. a group of teenagers began fighting at the metro station and that fight continued a block away at seventh and d street southwest. when officers arrived, the teens ran and one girl found that was stabbed. she was taken to the hospital and should be okay. >>> a local connection to a deadly military accident. captain michael quin and six other marines died when two military helicopters collided during a routine training exercise went night. the 28-year-old was -- wednesday night. the 28-year-old was from purcellville, virginia. investigators say it could take weeks before the cause of the crash is dete
vernon. la plata, half an inch. 1.5 inches in fredericksburg. south and west of washington, a higher the accumulations. there was a trace at reagan national. charlottesville four inches. stockton virginia, 6.5 inches of snow from this system. -- staunton. lexington park, 37 degrees right now. as the freezing mark in frederick. there's a breeze out of the north, gusting in excess of 20 miles an hour at times steady at 15. a little reason this morning which makes it feel lot colder than it is. it feels like we are in the '20s although it is in the 30's. the wind chill in hagerstown, 22. feels like 27 in lexington park. we still have cloud lingering on the backside of the storm system which has moved offshore. we are still close enough to the storm to get gusty winds out of the north through the morning and then it will subside this afternoon. the back edge of the cloud deck is moving into the potomac when that will move through our region. around and after sunrise we will see a clearing in the metro area. a high-pressure will diminish the winds later on today and bring sunshine. the ar
at 202 already gone. a tractor-trailer on its side. southbound 95 south of fredericksburg near thornburg exit. traffic is able to get through. i have a live picture. everybody knows their place. lockdown 395 at duke street is good up to the pentagon. we won't go over to maryland and look at 29 out of columbia passed trader joe's and into silver spring, quiet in both directions. back to you. >> thank you. live super doppler 7 radar areas of light rain and in west virginia and putting parts of. . isolated sprinkles cannot rule out in the potomac highlands this morning and again this afternoon. locally we will be dry today and tomorrow despite a chance of rain outside the metro area. 48 right now in washington, 45 in winchester. we got some light rain last night's in the metro area and especially south of town. almost a half-inch of rain in the northern neck of virginia including the thunder and lightning last night. clear skies to start the day. a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day expected. temperatures today, well into the 60's. low 70's in central virginia. culpeper fredericks
and warm this winter. 73 degrees was the high at quantico, fredericksburg 72, temperatures well above our average high for the day would be, d.c. coming in at 57, fredericksburg 61 and that's about as close as the rain has gotten. there are showers coming. there will be some showers in the morning rush hour. they will mostly be light. the best chances will be south of d.c. there could be an occasional moderate downpour briefly here and there. so the clouds will thicken overnight, some showers around for the morning rush hour, overnight low about 46 degrees. tomorrow not going to be in the 70s. here's a look at temperatures around the region, mostly in the 50s. more details on the weekend in a few minutes. >>> tonight dozens are dead after a riot at a soccer game in egypt. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the death told 74, 250 more injured -- toll 74, 250 more injured. soccer fans rush the field in syed one year after former president hosni mubarak was forced from office. >>> tim tebow cancels an appearance at an ohio christian revival. the event was led by televangelist rob parsley
, the fredericksburg region, right around washington. most of this is on the lighter side, starting to see the rain pick up now. let's zoom on in. talking about frederick, toward hagerstown, martensburg, charlestown seeing very heavy rain right now, right along route 340 here, just to the north of leesburg, heavier rain along route 7, we are seeing some of that heavier rain just to the north, waterford, route 9 here, some of the rain coming down at a pretty good clip. this under a flood watch. show you who is involved. counties along i-81, clark county, frederick county in virginia, panhandle of west virginia, up toward washington county, in through maryland, flood watch in effect until 3:00 tomorrow morning, also looking at a flood warning back here toward the west, hampshire, out toward mineral and allegheny county until 10:45 tonight. already seen a lot of rain and will continue to see some, the mountainous terrain easier to see flooding out that way, but look what's coming, we are not done just yet. a lot of rain still to come. see what is happening down to the south. here is one train of moist
throughout the afternoon, continue through the rest of the evening, 61 in manassas, 64, fredericksburg. the coldest area right now, down along the river, the chesapeake, pac river, clouds moving on in here, see a very mild night, a chance for shower activity overnight tonight, too. a better chance around 11:00 and then should be getting out of here by the time you wake up, head out the door tomorrow morning, temperature, 46 to start the day. see where we end. >> thank you, doug. we will see you in a bit. >>> well, it has been a while, the republican presidential candidates will meet tonight for what could be their final debate of the primary season. debate scheduled for march 1st and 5th have been canceled now. candidates will face off tonight in arizona. analysts say rick santorum will try to cement his recent surge while mitt romney will try to reassert his status as the inevitable nominee. >> he is under the microscope, he is under pressure. he needs to do well. he needs to re-establish a sense that he is the front runner in the race. >> the republican candidates haven't debated sin
at reagan national, 52 degrees. amazing. 55 at fredericksburg. 55 the winning number at ocean city and patuxent naval air station. and just looking, no 40s on the map at 5:00 in the morning on february 1st. amazing. here is your forecast for today. lots of clouds to start. a sprinkle or two here early this morning. and then we'll be off and running again with temperatures well into the 60s. a few of us will be in the low 70s for afternoon highs and again, enjoy today because we've got cool are air on the way. low 50s for highs tomorrow. juror it will remind us that it is february. >>-- >> it will remind us that it is february. >> let's see what is happening on the roads with what little rain we do v. >> you totally freaked me out this morning when you tweeted it was raining. i ran to the window. >> i am tweeting. that is the big news. >> you're like a couple of steps ahead of tucker. on the roads, you will find your lanes are open traveling eastbound 66 coming in from manassas. outer loop of the beltway, no problems reported here leaving colesville road headed around towards the ex
night in fredericksburg. this shot posted by felicia nowles. you can see it coated her deck. >> it is the farther south that you got more snow. >> further south and west. our viewers in southern maryland got about an in. >> so just missed us. >> just missed us. >> so close. >> yet so far away. >> yeah. >> officially a trace at reagan national for you are creeping track -- keeping track of that kind of thing. i saw no flakes even though i was waiting patiently in some my lawn chair. >> i was waiting for your tweets. >> i tweeted on saturday and then i hightailed it and locked the doors and closed the windows and shades at my house. we'll be enjoying an affect. it will be breezy around. i know a lot of people want to go out and play for president's day. if you want for go out and play in the sunshine, jacket weather as it will be breezy here with the storm exiting to our east. 35 now in washington. we continue to fall -- temperatures continue to fall here in the past hour. 37 in quantico. gently south of washington, we have at least some covering of snow. so as you get down t
away. 38 in washington. 36 in fredericksburg. 36 in ocean city. ocean city has a leftover shower. salisbury has a little light snow. it is still snowing across the lower eastern shore. mostly sunny, breezy at times. winds gusting at dulles, 25 miles per hour. it will be breezy with a high temperature of 48. should be a very pleasant president's day for us this year. >> thank you. >>> time to check in with lauren demarco to see how the roads are doing. >> tucker is so sad. this is good news for all the people that have to go to work. they don't have to get up, ice off the car. so good news there. very nice and easy trip this early morning hour. let's take a live look out there as you travel the beltway in montgomery county, the inner and outer loops, no problems to report. prince george's county, same story in virginia. traveling route 50 near 202, no real problems for you. i do want to mention that all of the hov restricts are lifted around the area today except for route 50, the john hanson highway where they are always in effect. 66, no real problems for you out of manassas or
at virginia tech. farther north, up around fredericksburg, one to two inches fell between there and charlottesville. actually around charlotteville up to four inches in locations. yes, even around culpeper, two, three, four inches was common. and farther to the north, a dusting to an inch. reagan national had a trace. and temperatures right now are in the 30s around the region. and near or below freezing farther west and north. and we'll have the cloud cover that's over us now breaking up by later this morning. sunshine breaking out. here's the day planner. sunny afternoon, weather with snow. it's only going to be up around 40. but elsewhere, where there is no snow, it may hit 50 by mid-afternoon. i'll have your evening planner in ten minutes. danella? how's traffic? >>> hardly on the road. a great day traveling i-270. we'll take the trip together, we'll fly over it making our way toward clarksburg. in fact, you're 61 mile-per-hour traveling southbound at middlebrook road. continuing into the rockville area, very nice and clear. i'll show you now. traveling southbound, har
in fredericksburg. they've stayed in the 50s all day in washington. the rain came through and some heavy thunderstorms. even some hail reported down into southern maryland around waldorf and pax river. you can see the rain continues to pull away right now. it is not the rain that's not the story. that is going to be the winds. winds right now gusting to 21 miles per hour at the airport but that is nothing compared to what we will see with current temperatures right now at 55. the rest of the area seeing temperatures in the 61-degree area down toward fredericksburg. 50 in annapolis and 48 in gaithersburg. temperatures will cool down tonight but once again the winds are going to be the thing that you'll notice the big time. we're talking about winds in excess of 40. maybe 50 and maybe upwards of 60 miles an hour to the west and along the higher peaks. we'll talk more about the winds, what to expect and what to expect for this weekend. all these changes happening just as the weekend gets started. >> thanks, doug. >>> it was an apology today from a top official at the pentagon for the burnin
historian at fredericksburg. david blight for the yale center of the study of slavery resistance and abolition nominated frederick douglass. david fair gut, and the former of choo of military history for the army john mount castle and robert e. lee nominated by professor thomas and we'll talk to him in a moment. in case you missed any of today's event we'll show the entire program beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon and at 1:00 a.m. on sunday morning. we'll open up the phone lines and we'll have them open for your calls while they count the votes. here are the numbers for the eastern and central time zones. the number is 202-585-3885 and 202585-3886. we'll take your calls until they announce the winner. >> been getting a lot of tweets as well at our handle is @c-spanhistory just in case you want to favor that. the hash tag today is person of the year 1862. #poty1862. just want to read one tweet before we go back to professor thomas. here's one from wilhelm ii. he's not worthy of conversation. i nominate ben butler and that from our twitter folks. >>
virginia are on the lookout for two brazen gunmen. as you're about to see, they robbed a fredericksburg business this morning and had a good idea he had cash on hand and got caught on camera in the process. this was the scene of the crime. all pro check cashing on plank road in fredericksburg. the spotsylvania county sheriff's office investigating. releasing this surveillance video of the robbery in progress. join one of the suspects confronting the -- on at 9:00 this morning, after forcing the manager to a back office, he wants the money out of the safe. the gunman takes the employee back to the front of the store to let in his accomplice. one of the gunmen, hiding his face, was the hood of the jacket. the other is wearing a ball cap. soon, they're inside the office at the back of the store at gun point forcing the manager to let them in the safe. once the gunmen have the mean, exactly how much they stole, we don't know and they forced the manager to the floor. they will leave him there hand and feet bound with wire and away they go. out the back door, robbery committed. >> we have had
see what happened, mid-50s for baltimore and d.c. 76 in sals bury and in fredericksburg in the 70s. high wind advisory. you cay gusts up around 30 to the west. they will invade and overspread the state. windy and foggy. 50 for now. much colder for the weekend. we'll talk about that straight ahead. >>> the search is on for three men who attacked a couple walking to their car at the westfield annapolis mall. don harrison explains what police are looking for and how people feel about security at the mall. >> reporter: it's something thousands of people do every day at the westfield annapolis mall, walk to their car in the parking garage. yesterday that simple act turned into a nightmare for one couple. on the way to their car, the man in his 60s and a woman in her 50s were approached by three men. >> one of the suspects attempted to take a box from a male. that contained his laptop computer. he successfully got that away from the male. >> reporter: this was a different outcome when it came to the woman. >> he tried to take her property but was unsuccessful. >> reporter: all the men to
, that is because that is where that warm air got to and that is close by as fredericksburg. why didn't it get into d.c.? the cold front has slowed down a lot and it hasn't crossed yet and that is going through the area, still to come and that means part two is still to come and that wind is increasing this evening and some gusts to 50 miles an hour and that is slower, not coming through the peak heating the the day and not getting damaging wind gust as we could have that had and this is still a wind advisory in effect for the most of the area and yesterday, we had a high wind watch that got upgraded to a high wind warning this afternoon and that is dropped. we're seeing winds and expect them to pick up later tonight and gusting to 40 or 50 and i wanted you to see the high was 57 degrees. 61 at quantico and leonardtown to 72; cambridge, 72 and fredericksburg, 72 and it was close. with the stalling front, it didn't quite push into our area and we're at 55 and this is that same system producing the snow in chicago and that is crossing us tonight and we're seeing the temperatures near 50 degrees
and fredericksburg may have a wet commute. these are monster storms just north of panama city entering southwestern georgia. we'll kind of move up and here's where the precipitation. is it's raining in roanoke and will slowly move north and east, give us a glancing blow. in other words, you folks up in frederick probably won't see any rain at all. 63 now in arlington, 60 bethesda, 61 rockville. upper 50s in gaithersburg, 61 great falls, still 61 in andrews. we'll cool down a bit, but still going to remain mild, dry evening commute, wet morning commute south of town, still mild thursday and a very nice finish friday. by midnight tonight maybe some rain, d.c. south, certainly down toward fredericksburg. we'll put this into motion. notice how it hugs the south. by 6:00 some showers in the immediate to metro area and maybe some as far north as frederick. by noon everything clears out quickly except for our friends in southern maryland and even you clear out early afternoon. a little cooler behind it, even in west of the divide, some snow showers possible in the afternoon and evening. mostly cloudy toni
at 27. 32 in fredericksburg. this is what it looks like. high pressure overhead. mainly clear skies for the overnight hours at a lot of sunshine for the day tomorrow. a long all the sunshine last, and the next chance for some rain or snow? my full forecast coming up in a few moments. >> still to come on abc 7 news, was an accident or murder? tomorrow the uva m murder trial is said to get under way. >> plus the super bowl sunday interview but the topics were serious. what the president is saying about the situation between israel and iran. >> one d.c. man featured he's just very thoughtful. he knows, like things that make me happy. he totally knows how to make me hpy. i like being the guy who makes things happen... makes things work. i, um, try and shake things up so that it doesn't just become routine. always, like having fun together. it's adventure. keeping it interesting. this valentine's day show her she's loved with the helzberg diamonds gift box godiva chocolate gems and diamond pendant. i love you. you do ? >> it is a case that has drawn national attention, the tra
of the shenandoah valley. even the nearby suburbs, these salaries did not amount to anything. but fredericksburg and down towards rwanda about 5 inches of rain. -- but in fredericksburg and down about 5 inches of rain. the dry air is in. this is well out to our west. overnight tonight, it will be and is a clear and cold night. look at the temperatures right now in syracuse. tomorrow when you get up and head out, it will be a chilly morning. sunshine even though the sunshine will be moving off and a little bit of moisture coming our way, i think we will be seeing temperatures rise after we start out in the 20's and 30's, rising into the 50's, so a delightful day and another day for this winter above 50 degrees. tomorrow temperatures only about 5 degrees six degrees above average. 50 degrees. as we get into late thursday, there could be some afternoon showers, but look at those temperatures. mid to upper i 60's, maybe some showers also on friday and they will be rain showers. as we go towards march the march flyin. -- lions. in joining some yesterday to the south. >> that 68 degrees looks nice. >>
earlier with 75 in fredericksburg. it feels like it is 45 degrees. doppler is picking up what may be a few snow flurries. there will be since no doubt in the mountains of west virginia. wins earlier today were up to about 60 miles per hour. it will still be a chilly day coming up tomorrow. i will tell you about that. the d.c. the sunrise? i have it for you in time lapse. >> in the meantime let's get to the showdown at about who can marry and maryland it. martin o'malley will sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in a formal ceremony. this comes as opponents have already began online efforts to have a referendum on the november ballot. they are collecting 56,000 signatures to pull it off. also, he plans to raise the gasoline tax. two democratic lawmakers admitted that the bill will be tough to pass the general assembly. let's go to the story that the entire entertainment world is all getting excited and worked up about. the countdown to the academy awards. >> we are less than 48 hours away from the big night. we have a first look at what we can expect. >> here we are live from the plast
with a robbery at a check cashing business yesterday in fredericksburg. surveillance video shows suspects forcing the store employee to open up the safe and cash drawers and in the tied his hands and feet. they ran off with an undisclosed amount of money. anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's office. >> the latest developments in the uva murder trial. the trial once again on hold because one of george huguely's attorneys is seriously ill. the court recessed about an hour ago after several defense witnesses gave their testimony this morning. among those who did take the stand today, his aunt woho talked over surveillance video showing george huguely and yeardley love holding hands in a bar of justjust days before her death. we will have much more at 5:00 today. >> a federal agent is dead and others wounded after a violent shooting in the california workplace. this happened at 5:30 last night. a federal immigration agent opened fire on a co-worker inside of an immigration customs enforcement office. another agent shot the gunman. he died at the scene. the original wounded agent
well south of us, south of fredericksburg but it is moving off to the east-northeast. this activity is not reaching the ground. it's just fairfax and german  town. we will go to live doppler. this will pinpoint the activity. fredericksburg, la plata, some of the activity now getting into southern maryland. for the most part it will bea glancing blow and a quick one, but enough to wet the road especially if you're coming up route 5. so some showers in the morning on thursday. the good news is we're look at a salvageable afternoon after a wet morning commute south, not a bad day on thursday. still mild. not 72 but 55. and then still nice on friday. temperatures still should make it up to 50. so there's no arctic air in sight. overnight, mostly cloudy and cool, light rain by dawn, lows only in the 40s. winds northwesterly at 10. tomorrow morning, we're going to have some early showers, primarily south and east of town, then becoming partly cloudy, temperatures tin 40s. by afternoon, very nice really. partly cloudy and cooler, but still mild. highs around 55. winds out of the northwes
've seen pretty heavy activity down i-95 towards fredericksburg. so in between woodbridge and fredericksburg it's not a picnic. this is yellow, still moderate to occasionally heavy rain, nothing severe, but enough certainly to slow you down and just kind of be pain for your evening commute. we'll be out of here for the morning commute. we'll widen out and put this into motion over the next hour. we see the activity move essentially west to east so much if you see these showers and heavier rains around 270 up near gaithersburg, it's going to move directly east into howard county. we'll keep you posted. here's the deal. drying out after midnight, another round of heavy rain, thunderstorms, too. time frame critical 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and thursday still a lamb, yes, march still coming in like a lamb thankfully. in fact, the next seven days, really the payoff day tomorrow, maybe a few clouds to start but then temperatures in the mid- 60s. friday clouds come back, maybe light rain or showers late. most of the activity rolls in here saturday with rain showers and maybe some thunde
around charleston. some pretty good storms. a lot of heavy rain now from fredericksburg southward down towards richmond. and we'll zoom in again with live doppler 9000. if you haven't downloaded our weather app, you might want to do it and track these storms. because we may have more storms tomorrow night. let's go to the app store and search for wusa radar. this is heavy rain in southern prince george's county and also into charles county across into the northern neck. and all the way into fredericksburg. we'll zoom in a little bit and looking at rainfall rates. the red is one and a half inches per hour. so it's raining to beat the band. over towards plum point. raining pretty steadily and moderately towards hollywood and over towards la plata. now, what is going to happen in the next hour or so, we'll put this into motion. this is actually going to move off to the east, northeast. and kind of maintain its strength, if you will. so we're looking at the possibility of some heavier rain now pushing into calvert county, anne arundel county and even across the bay. and howard will track t
for the north and west. 27 at frederick this hour. 39 at d.c. 37 at fredericksburg. 37 at dulles. 36 baltimore. 41degrees at annapolis. winds picked up this afternoon, but nothing compared to saturday. they are calm tonight and they'll pick up a little bit into the course of tomorrow by the afternoon. skies are clear as a ridge of high pressure continues to dominate our weather pattern, and that will be the order of the day for tomorrow. we do have an approaching frontal system, and as that ridge of high pressure continues to push out and this frontal system continues to move in, we're going to create a pretty tight pressure gradient here and that means the winds will pick up. windy by the afternoon, gusting up to about 20 miles per hour or so. the sun will be evident. sunny and mild tomorrow. midday about 66 degrees. no shortage of sunshine. things will start to change by tuesday night, increasing clouds. chance of showers overnight. storm system moving in. that will set us up for rain on wednesday. temperatures start to drop a little bit, because we're warming up to 60 degrees tomorrow. and
at that germantown we expect to fall down to 22 degrees, chantilly 23 and fredericksburg 24 degrees, a cold one, but get ready to do a 180, folks. instead of talking about snow, we're talking about spring fever. it's going to warm up this week. i want you to see what the pattern is like. we have some cold air on the weather map building up through canada, but during this week that jet stream will take a dip through the midwest. what will happen is we'll get a push of warmer air coming mid- to late week. that will get our temperatures soaring and don't be shocked if some places touch 70 degrees before this week is out, but in the meantime tonight it will be a cold one. we have to watch for the possibility of some black ice, again fredericksburg, charlottesville, places to our south. we'll show you some pictures and snow totals and check that five-day forecast for the warm- up. >> i wonder what it would have been like ifly a fox 5 weather app -- if i had a fox 5 weather app this weekend. >> you would have been so on top of it. >> it's like you're personally updating it for us 24/7. go to the app
. a few sprinkles into the northern neck of virginia. they stretch all the way to fredericksburg. they're advancing off to the northeast out of the southwest and temperatures above freezing in the 30s. we're in upper 30s to near 40 in month gonery, arlington, fairfax counties. 42 in reagan national. district of columbia at 43 and it's in the low 40s near the basement weather watchers checking in this morning reporting cloudy skies. sunrise at 6:59. might have a few sprinkles but a greater chance of any significant rain will be during the afternoon hours. not much rain. maybe a ten kts to a quarter of an inch by later this afternoon. more later tonight. we'll have a look at your evening forecast in a few minutes. danella has traffic. >> good morning. we're not seeing any incidents. nothing but green. traveling up i-270. we'll take the trip together. if you're traveling southbound making your way through urbana south through clarksburg, you're at 56 miles an hour. continuing into gaithersburg, connecting through rockville, again, no issues on i-270. a live look at west montgomery avenue.
. boardatures across the low 50' the quantico looking at 58 degrees, as fredericksburg. of low the area track towardse the east. over the next 24 hours, it will lot of energy. it should remain mainly south of d.c. metro. the clouds are beginning to filter into our area. it is not going to be a classic nor'easter. national weather service has operated the winter storm watch warning across southern virginia, southwestern virginia. this includes areas like culpeper and shenandoah. they will either upgrade this to or downgraded to an advisory. next 48the futurecast, hours. expected band of snow afternoon into the hours. what do we expect in terms of snowfall? 3:00, that much -- not much the ground. it will be hard to accumulate. temperatures today it were well the 50's. 1.2 inches, up we may see it much. here is our forecast for tonight. 32 to 38 degrees. the extended outlook, temperatures are warm and very moving toward the middle of the week. >> the further north you go, you not see a whole lot. >> the capitals were in action today. it is a critical day because it a comeback. >> mike gree
. yes, fredericksburg toward charlottesville, a couple of inches to four inches there. and as we look at the temperatures now, it is a little below freezing just to our west and north. montgomery county near the freezing mark, as well as throughout much of the rest of northern maryland. it's in the upper 30s in washington, mid 30s in fairfax, arlington, and prince george's counties. and still quite a bit of cloudiness. but the cloud cover will be breaking up by mid morning. sun out. we'll have a blustery wind. we'll be in the 30s. by noontime, mid 40s. actually up near 50 where there's no snow. where there is snow, low 40s. that will be melting as the day progresses. then a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's the president's day traffic. edenally? >>> good morning. if you're heading out on the highway, everything looks good. i'll give you a live look at the beltway in virginia. a live look at van dorn. very light volume on the inner loop as well as the outer loop. give you an outer loop speed. if you're making your way from van dorn to the wilson bridge, 58 miles per ho
falling here. look first at our winter weather advisory in effect south of town around fredericksburg. this is until 1:00 monday morning. here's a look at live doppler 9000. you can see a little light snow earlier this evening, but now most of it still to the south of us. fredericksburg, leonard town. a lot of this snow is actually in some areas really wet and heavy snow. also seeing some rain as well where you see the green. we did see snow also in parts of the fredericksburg area earlier today, falling since this afternoon. we'll talk more about the snow. it should be ending later tonight. more details on that coming a little bit later. >>> a d.c. store that had been allegedly selling liquor to minors for years is still in business in spite of the arrest of its owner. but always armando trull reports tonight, authorities placed that store under a magnifying glass. the major reason is the 9 news now investigative report. >> reporter: this piece of crime scene tape is the only indication saturday night the town square market on mcarthur boulevard was raided by d.c. police. the owner,
corps incidentally amounted to 40,000 men was up around fredericksburg. and what mcclellan had planned for mcdowell to do is march from fredericksburg almost due south and come in on the left or the northern flank of confederate forces defending the peninsula. imagine his shock when he got an order from washington telling him, no, you can't have mcdowell, you took too many troops out of washington. we're unsafe here. you can't have mcdowell because this fellow jackson that we read about, he's already attacked the union force near kearnstown and no telling what he'll do next. he may sweep down the potomac and attack washington, we've got to keep him here. what this meant for mcclellan was not that they weren't going to attack to siege richmond, but they weren't going to be able to do it through strategical point maneuver, they'd have to rely more on a pounding, slow process starting at yorktown and he thought to bring along a siege artillery, so in early april his forces arrived near yorktown. the whole revolutionary war entrenchments now much improved by the confederates but lightly ma
snow? >> i believe it. i do. >> from the city of fredericksburg to state highway officials, they are all preparing. they are waiting until tomorrow to decide how many trucks to put out. they will definitely be mobilizing. i in jennifer donelan. >> thank you. doug hill will be back with the full forecast. if you want to check the weather any time of the day you can go to our web site and follow us on twitter and download our app. >> two firefighters were injured trying to put out a fire at anacostia high school. sam ford is live with what may have started the fire. >>anacostia is a high school of 900 students. it has also been a construction zone. fire officials say something caught fire among the construction materials perhaps styrofoam. it quickly placed out of control. >> the fire started on a rooftop filled with construction materials. it was a wing of the school not occupied by students. the school was a immediately ordered evacuated. all got out to safety. the streets filled with smoke construction workers, and kids. >> we were in the cafeteria. they just star
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